Nov 27, 2011


Water In its purest form, it's odorless, nearly colorless and tasteless. It's in your body, the food you eat and the beverages you drink. You use it to clean yourself, your clothes, your dishes, your car and everything else around you. You can travel on it or jump in it to cool off on hot summer days. Many of the products that you use every day contain it or were manufactured using it. All forms of life need it, and if they don't get enough of it, they die. Political disputes have centered around it. In some places, it's treasured and incredibly difficult to get. In others, it's incredibly easy to get and then squandered. What substance is more necessary to our existence than any other?
Streams water pumps manufactured by Jacobs Industries Coibatore, India. We supply only trusted products and proven technology which deliver state-of-the-art, efficient and dependable pumping solutions for even the most demanding applications, including corrosive environments. Applications include irrigation, dewatering, leachate pumping, water supply groundwater extraction, seawater pumping, desalination, reverse osmosis and – of increasing prominence in the current market – geothermal.
Our ISI trademarked Streams water pumps awailable in 0.5 HP , 1 HP and 2 HP capacities … Streams water pumps withstands valtage fluctuations and we offer 12 months warranty.

Nov 26, 2011


  • Use a Pipe as specified in the name plate for suction and delivery to enable the maximum output of water as rated.
  • See that suction line (Pipe) has minimum bends.
  • Ensure that the bottom point of the suction pipe strainer is 5cm(2") above the water tank bottom level. This will prevent ingress of dirt and dust into the water.
  • For joining pipe threads, always use white lead or Tuflon' tape.
  • Do not use gunny pieces or jute ropes for pipe joints.
  • No Foot Valve is required for self priming pump. But don't forget to fix a strainer

Do's & Don'ts

Use monoblock Pump only to Pump out clear water.

Ensure proper electrification using only quality electrical materials. In particular, avoid using Lighting silk wire.
If you observe abnormal sounds in the motor (needs replacement of seals) you may have to carry our the remedies mentioned by a competent pump/motor service engineer.


Common Problems:
1. It takes longer time to fill the tank:
Solution (a): Check the NRV (Non Return Valve) .
Remove the NRV, clean it and fix it back in the same position. Switch on the motor and this sould solve your problem . If not , follow the next solution.

Solution (b) : Locate the "Strainer" , which can be seen at the bottom of the suction pipe. Clean it free from dust particles, sand etc., and your pump starts working smoothly.

2.Motor Doesn't Run:
Solution : Locate the fan by removing the fan cover. Gently rotate the fan in any direction. Fix the fan cover back as it was before and switch on the pump.


Monoset Pump are max:10kg. in weight. So no special foundation is required. Just Place the Pump on the ground Level as base, or you can hand inside the well
Note that the pump should always be erected with the outlet directed upwards.
Note that the pump vertical distance between the water level and the pump's centre line should not be above 20 feet. It is best to install the pump with its horizontal center line at 15 feet above water level.(this way, even if the water level descends down by an extra 5 feet, the pump will still work properly.)

Nov 20, 2011


Our Monoblock Pump is warranted for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Note: For any manufacturing defects found within the warranty period.
we will repair the pump free of cost. Warrantly does not hold for electrical , since power supply conditions may vary from place to place. The warranty is void, if the pump is opened by and authorised person.